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  • Codan 7727-B Tranceiver(s)
    Codan 7727-B Tranceiver(s)
    Transmitters / Receivers - (Auckland East) - March 12, 2020 NZ$ 50.00

    Two model 7727 Codan units in unknown condition - assume not working, but maybe enough bits between the two to restore one of them. Only one has microphone. One looks like it has a VCO fitted to one freq selection. Sold as one lot. Can be viewed at M...

  • Radiovision Commander HF Receiver
    Radiovision Commander HF Receiver
    Vintage Radio - (Auckland East) - March 11, 2020 NZ$ 100.00

    Commander receiver 1.7MHz to 31 MHz general coverage with zoomed coverage of Amateur bands of the day. Undoubtedly one of the desirable receivers of its time with substantial features. A great project! Operational condition unknown - I'm not powering...

  • ZC1 Mk1
    ZC1 Mk1
    Vintage Radio - (Auckland East) - March 8, 2020 NZ$ 75.00

    ZC1 Mk1 Chassis - no outer case. Has some aged component replacements and solid state vibrator mod. Appears to also have an antenna matching mod. Mic has had capsule replacement. Have not tried to operate it, so sold "as is". Slightly incomplete but ...

  • HF Multiband Mobile Antenna
    HF Multiband Mobile Antenna
    Wanted - (Auckland West) - March 7, 2020 Free

    Looking for multiband HF antenna. Pless message me if you save spare and planning to sell. 73, jhun

  • ICOM AH-1 Antenna Match
    ICOM AH-1 Antenna Match
    Antenna Components - Auckland (Auckland East) - March 4, 2020 NZ$ 20.00

    Part of an AH-1 Antenna kit - this is the match box only. The match box is designed to match a whip antenna on 5 bands; 80, 40, 20, 15, 10. It has a stepping switch for changing bands. It is designed to work with Icom radios that output a different D...

  • MFJ 948 Antenna Tuner
    MFJ 948 Antenna Tuner
    Accessories - Auckland (Auckland East) - March 4, 2020 NZ$ 50.00

    MFJ "Delux" antenna tuner. Externally, it has had a full life, but appears quite tidy internally. Photos show someone has done a little gardening inside - unsure why, but a little restoration could see it back to origional. It appears to have been mo...

  • Geloso VFO 4/101
    Geloso VFO 4/101
    Vintage Radio - Auckland (Auckland East) - March 4, 2020 NZ$ 40.00

    From a bygone era - a collectors item: The Geloso VFO was the must have for the amateur HF constructor. This is an early example(model 101) and is in reasonable physical condition. It has been mounted on a chassis with power supply. Dial is a little ...

  • Looking for 12H choke 100ma
    Looking for 12H choke 100ma
    Wanted - Other - Feilding (Palmerston North) - February 18, 2020 Check with seller

    Hi I am in the process of building a Power supply to power a vintage valve transceiver, If you have one or one close I would be interested, please email me with price and condition Thanks Ross ZL3DC

  • RF Power meter
    RF Power meter
    Test Equipment / Instruments - Napier (Napier) - February 11, 2020 NZ$ 159.00

    RF power meter, 1mW to 120 watts, display shows power and a bar graph with autoranging. Avaialble with N type or UHF female connectors. These are made up kits, generated for branch 25 (Napier) fundraiser. freight to urban addresses is $5.50 and rural...

  • ARC-5 HF RX 6-9MHz
    ARC-5 HF RX 6-9MHz
    Vintage Radio - Auckland (Auckland East) - January 23, 2020 NZ$ 35.00

    ARC-5 HF receiver (6-9.1MHz) in reasonable condition. Has been working recently - note no dynamotor. Some caps replaced but otherwise fairly origional. {L2}

  • ARC-5 T-23 VHF Transmitter(s)
    ARC-5 T-23 VHF Transmitter(s)
    Vintage Radio - Auckland (Auckland East) - January 23, 2020 NZ$ 30.00

    ARC-5 T-23 Transmitters (2 off) - one appears to be complete, the other as parts (maybe complete apart from no valves). Operational condition unknown. Sold together. {L1}

  • Antenna Relay ARC-5 / SCR-274-N
    Antenna Relay ARC-5 / SCR-274-N
    Vintage Radio - Auckland (Auckland East) - January 22, 2020 NZ$ 30.00

    BC-442-A Antenna relay for SCR-274-N - also as RE2 for ARC-5. Not tested but believed to be in working condition. More ARC-5 listings to follow! Pickup from Musick Point Radio or can be freighted by arrangement. {L4}