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  • NanoVNA Case - 3D Printed Case
    NanoVNA Case - 3D Printed Case
    Accessories - Auckland (Auckland Central) - January 12, 2020 NZ$ 10.00

    The NanoVNA is a brilliant tool but the package is a little fragile and susceptible to dust/debris getting inside. This 3D printed case sandwiches between the front and back boards and doesn't require any extra hardware or modifications. Additional t...

  • RF Demo Kit
    RF Demo Kit
    Test Equipment / Instruments - Auckland (Auckland Central) - January 9, 2020 NZ$ 50.00

    For the likes of the NanoVNA and other VNAs, includes the typical calibration standards please a number of other configurations. Ideal for education as well as verifying the operation of your VNA/tester. Multiple units available.

  • Signal Stick - BNC version
    Signal Stick - BNC version
    Antennas - Auckland (Auckland Central) - January 4, 2020 NZ$ 40.00

    2m/70cm dual band antenna made from a super elastic and virtually indestructable nitinol alloy. Very popular and well reviewed abroad.

  • NARDA UHF  model 805
    NARDA UHF model 805
    Test Equipment / Instruments - (Auckland West) - January 4, 2020 NZ$ 45.00

    Frequency meter Don't know too much about it

  • Marconis wave meter
    Marconis wave meter
    Test Equipment / Instruments - (Auckland West) - January 4, 2020 NZ$ 75.00

    Marconi wave meter Antque Calibration charts Full set of coils

  • 13.8V 20A Power Supply *NEW*
    13.8V 20A Power Supply *NEW*
    Accessories - Auckland (Auckland East) - December 25, 2019 NZ$ 125.00

    Now available! The QJE PS30SWIV is well known in the amateur world as a great little unit for powering rigs. Capable of 20A continuous (30A peak), this little monster is ideal for those 100W rigs. Voltage output is variable between 9 and 15 and there...

  • no longer reqired FT817
    no longer reqired FT817
    Amateur Radio - Feilding (Palmerston North) - December 8, 2019 Check with seller

    Would like to purchase a FT817 in going order, please email on condition and price Thanks Ross ZL3DC

  • ftdx 401 +matchimg speaker
    ftdx 401 +matchimg speaker
    Transmitters / Receivers - (Auckland West) - December 5, 2019 NZ$ 100.00

    not working sutiable for spare parts/repair concider swapping what u have

  • Wanted: 6LQ6 {or equiv} Output Tubes for TS-515
    Wanted: 6LQ6 {or equiv} Output Tubes for TS-515
    Amateur Radio - (Auckland West) - December 5, 2019 Check with seller

    Wanted pair of 6LQ6 or equivalents: 6je6 6lz6 6km6 I need pairs of any of the above !

  • Wanted: 5.250mhz crystal
    Wanted: 5.250mhz crystal
    Other - (Manawatu) - November 9, 2019 Check with seller

    Looking for a 5.250mhz crystal.

  • TS-430S
    Transmitters / Receivers - Auckland (Auckland East) - November 3, 2019 NZ$ 230.00

    Kenwood TS-430S in working condition - no doubt could benefit from a bit of tweaking, but entirely useable as is - LSB sounds a little "bassy" on receive - probably needs carrier osc adjustement. Cosmetically a little untidy, but average for its age....

  • Meter   Ex ww2
    Meter Ex ww2
    Vintage Radio - (Auckland West) - October 5, 2019 NZ$ 25.00

    Not sure what its off 1 milliamp movement. 100ohms