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  • Icom IC-756 pro III
    Icom IC-756 pro III
    NZ$ 1000.00
    Transmitters / Receivers Auckland (Auckland Central) June 6, 2021
    An icom 756 pro 3 in excellant working order and offered with microphone, power lead in original box and with original icom manual. Contact me re shipping.
  • Ferrite Cores (mix 33) for Lossy UnUn !!!
    Ferrite Cores (mix 33) for Lossy UnUn !!!
    NZ$ 15.00
    Antenna Components Mellons Bay (Auckland Central) May 15, 2021
    6 Pieces of FC-33-124 ferrite core for Wideband Antenna matching unit When you don't have room for multiple resonant antennas, a wideband design is an option.  These typically consist of a radiating element (of course!) and a termination.  The termin...
  • Amphenol octal valve sockets (NOS)
    Amphenol octal valve sockets (NOS)
    NZ$ 2.00
    Passive (Auckland Central) April 26, 2021
    US-made Amphenol sockets with snap rings. New Old Stock. Please contact ZL1NZ for details. Shipping is $3.50 for up to 20 sockets.
  • NanoVNA Case - 3D Printed Case
    NanoVNA Case - 3D Printed Case
    NZ$ 10.00
    Accessories Auckland (Auckland Central) January 12, 2020
    The NanoVNA is a brilliant tool but the package is a little fragile and susceptible to dust/debris getting inside. This 3D printed case sandwiches between the front and back boards and doesn't require any extra hardware or modifications. Additional t...
  • RF Demo Kit
    RF Demo Kit
    NZ$ 50.00
    Test Equipment / Instruments Auckland (Auckland Central) January 9, 2020
    For the likes of the NanoVNA and other VNAs, includes the typical calibration standards please a number of other configurations. Ideal for education as well as verifying the operation of your VNA/tester. Multiple units available.
  • Clear acrylic base for your morse key
    Clear acrylic base for your morse key
    NZ$ 6.00
    Vintage Radio Auckland (Auckland Central) July 14, 2019
    The key base extends under the key knob to prevent the key from tipping while you're pounding brass. I make key bases using new 6mm-thick clear acrylic. I cut them to the size you specify. You drill holes to suit your key and countersink from the bot...
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