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  • Vero Rack +++
    Vero Rack +++
    NZ$ 40.00
    Garage Sale Auckland (Auckland East) June 20, 2021
    Vero Rack with power supply (condition unknown) and some handy looking modules!   Available for collection from Musick Point Radio Station Item #25
  • Vero Rack
    Vero Rack
    NZ$ 30.00
    Garage Sale (Auckland East) June 20, 2021
    Need a neat little rackmount for that project?  Get a pre-loved Vero rack for a tiny fraction of a new one!  But wait there's more - a selection of modules with a surprise in each one!  And as an added bonus - a collection of home made BNC terminatio...
    NZ$ 40.00
    Garage Sale (Auckland East) June 20, 2021
    Now here's something to fill your rack - a PYE  VHF FM TX & RX.  Not many of these left.  PYE - the Ford Escort of Radio! Pickup is from Musick Point Radio Station - time by agreement.  Item#23
  • PYE Rackmount VHF
    PYE Rackmount VHF
    NZ$ 20.00
    Garage Sale (Auckland East) June 20, 2021
    And another - looks similiar but isn't!  Collect only from Musick Point Radio Station.  Not many people get to own one of these!  Item #22
  • PYE Rackmount VHF
    PYE Rackmount VHF
    NZ$ 20.00
    Garage Sale AUCKLAND (Auckland East) June 20, 2021
    Unknown condition.  A good one if you need one! Pickup from Musick Point Radio Station by agreement.  Item #21
  • Powerpole Type SB50 (50A) Connector
    Powerpole Type SB50 (50A) Connector
    NZ$ 4.60
    Passive Auckland (Auckland East) April 29, 2021
    SB50 compatible Powerpole type (not genuine Anderson brand) 50amp / 600V DC  housing and two 6g silver plated crimp lugs.  Grey coloured.  Ideal for battery disconnects for portable / field day setups!  Powepole connectors are genderless and two conn...
  • SO-239 to 3/8" Thread Mount for Vertical Antenna
    SO-239 to 3/8" Thread Mount for Vertical Antenna
    NZ$ 13.75
    Antenna Components (Auckland East) December 12, 2020
    Antenna Adaptor for Antennas with 3/8" Thread Mounting A heavy duty mount with SO239  to accept 3/8" x 24 tpi external thread based antennas . Has stepped isolating washer to fit 13mm hole in mounting bracket. Fixing nut will accept min 12mm thread f...
  • Anderson Powerpole Connectors
    Anderson Powerpole Connectors
    Check with seller
    Passive (Auckland East) October 5, 2020
    Genuine Anderson Powerpole connectors in sets of 1 Red, 1 Black housing and 2 contacts Available here are the "PP15/45" size housings with a choice of 3 contact sizes. The housings are rated to 55A, 600V (note the contacts are not finger protected!!!...
  • Radiovision Commander HF Receiver
    Radiovision Commander HF Receiver
    NZ$ 100.00
    Vintage Radio (Auckland East) March 11, 2020
    Commander receiver 1.7MHz to 31 MHz general coverage with zoomed coverage of Amateur bands of the day. Undoubtedly one of the desirable receivers of its time with substantial features. A great project! Operational condition unknown - I'm not powering...
  • ARC-5 T-23 VHF Transmitter(s)
    ARC-5 T-23 VHF Transmitter(s)
    NZ$ 30.00
    Vintage Radio Auckland (Auckland East) January 23, 2020
    ARC-5 T-23 Transmitters (2 off) - one appears to be complete, the other as parts (maybe complete apart from no valves). Operational condition unknown. Sold together. {L1}
  • 13.8V 20A Power Supply *NEW*
    13.8V 20A Power Supply *NEW*
    NZ$ 140.00
    Accessories Auckland (Auckland East) December 25, 2019
    The QJE PS30SWIV is well known in the amateur world as a great little unit for powering rigs. Capable of 20A continuous (30A peak), this little monster is ideal for those 100W rigs. Voltage output is variable between 9 and 15 and there is a fixed (sw...
  • "V" Series Valves
    "V" Series Valves
    Check with seller
    Vacuum Tubes Auckland (Auckland East) July 20, 2019
    Looking for a tube with a part number starting with "V" ? Musick Point Radio Group (Branch 86) may be able to help. Below are partnumbers on our inventory - please enquire on specific requirements for qty and price. V5105,V594B,VR102,VR105/30,VR136 V...